Company values

MPIPM is an independent company with a strong attitude towards Quality. These company values form the basis for our way of working within our organisation:

  • M: moving
  •     P: pragmatic
  •         I: inspiring & integrity
  •     P: professional
  • M: multidimensional
MPIPM is convinced that a company should perform only those activities in which it excels. However, from a customer's point of view, all that matters is the result. So, when it comes to "resultancy"-assignments MPIPM closely cooperates with other companies that obviously have to fulfil the same quality demands we impose on ourself.


Our motto results directly in our way of contracting. We prefer to take the assignment in a entrepreneurial way with a shared interest in goal and/or result, like shared benefit or fixed-fee contracts with bonus-malus clauses.

We stick to our agreement. So our commitment is well documented in a client agreement dealing with aspects as aimed result, scope, deliverables, way of working, timing and planning, fees and reporting structures.