MPIPM is based on the knowledge and experiences in the following marketsectors:  
  • ICT:        Volmac, Cap Gemini, Baan, TAS, KZA, PinkRoccade
  • Finance:    Robeco, VanLanschot Bankiers
  • Industry:    Philips, Rank Xerox, SKF, Dow Chemical, DSM
  • Food/Retail:    Henkel, Albert Heijn, Verkade
  • Agricultural sector:    The Greenery International
  • Government:    EZH, AVR Chemie
  • Healthcare:    UMCRadboud, Rijnstate, Catharina
In the following roles and programs:
  • NIAZ auditor.
  • Interim programmamanagement upgrading the ICT infrastructure of a hospital.
  • Sectormanagement of ICMT department in a hospital.
  • Managing director of several, independent business units of large European ICT service providers.
  • CIO, responsible for redefining and implementation of ICT governance.
  • Director I&A, responsible for the transformation of nine local IT-departments into one  P&L responsible ICT service unit.
  • Transformation of an organization focussed on operational testing into an organisation with a productmix mainly based on QA related services.
  • Interim management, responsible for the reorganization and management of an applicationdevelopment and -maintenance department.
  • Interim IT management for downsizing an IT department while implementing new ERP and SCM systems.
  • Programmanagement in ICT outsourcing.
  • Interim programmanagement of an international project aimed at clearing the backlog in call handling.
  • Projectmanagement of the design and realization of a logistic information system.
  • Projectmanagement of the design and realization of an integral, multi-vendor waist management system.
  • Productgroupmanagement with ICT service provider, responsible for the organization, marketresearch, product definition and consultancy in the area of discrete production automation.
  • Programmanagement backoffice responsible for organizing and managing all European RFP's.
  • Audit on two pan-European CIM projects.